Friday, 31 July 2015

Blog bootcamp

These are  my  blog   bootcamp comment's for today.



this is my Xtramaths for today

- I got 4 wrong
-I got 2 out of time
-I got 1 smile face
-I got 7 right

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Whats in my lunch box

i this is my what's in my lunch box work

Revising sentences

Miss Paton’s copy

Miss Paton has a cat. His name is Oscar. He is a tabby cat. Oscar can be a pain in the neck. He likes to sniff my rubbish bin. He always come to my house wanting food. Oscar likes to fall asleep on my couch. He does not like my laptop computer. He would rather sit on my lap. Oscar would like me to give him the attention. 68 word's

My copy
Miss Paton has a cat called Oscar, he’s a tabby cat. Oscar can be a pain, as he likes to sniff my rubbish. He always comes to my house for food. Oscar likes to fall asleep . He hate’s  my laptop computer. He would  sit on my lap and  get the attention.
51 word’s
Today I have been learning about word DRAFT. DRAFT is like an aacrostic poem. Each leter of this word mean something in writing. Today we have been focusing on the D. D stands for delete. In class Miss Paton shared with us a picece of writing  in which we had to Delete, take out words and change sentences. Here is my piece of writing.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My lunch under the food groups

This is my My healthy food chart that  I have made. I have a very healthy lunch. 

Monday, 27 July 2015


This is my Xtra maths I got 5 wrong 2 smile faces and some right I think I  have improved.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Monday, 20 July 2015


This is my xtramaths for today 1 smiley face 4 out of time 5 wrong and some right

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Zoo recount by shailah

The  Auckland Zoo Trip By Shailah
“Wow”I said to my Friends and Miss  paton. I felt so happy to be here I said. When Room 7, and I got to the zoo with my group. The parent helpers were  (my sister Diana) (Juliet’s aunty) (Alex's mother) Miss Paton and Mrs Linda. We were waiting for Room 3 to get off the bus. As soon as we got off the  bus, Miss Paton did the roll. When we got to the entry of the Auckland Zoo, we met Laura our guide. After that we took a picture under an elephant, luckily it was fake . After we made our way into Pridelands,  we went to see the giraffes. The giraffes looked like sausages. The rhinos looked like a fat log. Then we walked to see a zebra. After this we went to see a rhino. I saw the rhino’s rib cage. Then we saw the  ostrich. Then we saw the  springboks, after we saw the springboks looked as fast as a dog.After we saw the springboks  We went to see the Lions, the lions  skin was as brown as brown sugar. Then we went to see the flamingoes drinking some water from the lake, and sleeping.Then we saw burma the elephant  burma walking around then we had morning tea. From then and on we headed of to the baboons there was a 2 big one’s and a baby then we went to go to see some turtles they were walking very slowly. Then we saw the hippopotamus they were very big  in the water  we went to the servals they were so cute next was the seals they were doing such cool moves. We went to the blue penguins
. Then we walked  to go  see the  meerkats  and then saw a red  panda
Then the class needed to go to the toilet, so we waited by  the meerkats. During this time burma was on her morning walk around the zoo.
After this we walked to the band rotunda. Then we  made  our way  to the orangutans then leemas and the american alligator on the way.

Then we had lunch at  the  band  rotunda we had a short lunch so we could meet at  the lawn.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


This  is  my Xtramaths for today I got 5 wrong 2 smiley  face and most right

Thursday, 2 July 2015