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My information on - Blue crane birds

Information Report Writing Frame - Animal
LI - To write an information report that informs the reader about a XXX.
  • All about crane birds .
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  • A Information report is something that tells you what happened
  • Gruidae
  • Cranes are social birds that group up with each other and make a flock
  • The animal kingdom of crane bird is called animalia
  • There are up to 15 different species of crane birds
Anthropoides paradiseus are
The scientific name for blue cranes is anthropoides paradiseus blue cranes
Paragraph 1
  • A blue crane bird is
  • A very light blue with a little bit of black on its bottom
  • Blue crane birds like grassy and upland places
Blue crane birds are mostly covered in a very light pale shade of blue up to its chest and under its stomach is a pale green . The tips of there wings are colored in black .
Paragraph 2
  • They eat dead animals from drains , In fileids they also find snails , crabs and lobsters are found in the sand .
Blue crane birds eat
(Fish) from the sea , (Dead animals) , (Grass) , (Snails) and (crabs) and (lobsters)
Paragraph 3
  • A few live in south africa.
  • Lots of blue crane birds are getting killed everywhere there are only a few left in the world  should we stop killing them??
Also they love grassy green areas .

And lots of crane birds always either get caught in traps and eaten by bigger animals.
Paragraph 4
Other (Breeding)
  • They get there eggs ready 6 months early before they hatch another 6 months later
Yep they always lay them on october and lay them on march .
  • Blue crane birds lay up to 2-5 eggs each month
Yep thats right they lay that many eggs sometimes the males prepare food for the baby cranes
This is my information report on blue crane birds

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