Saturday, 23 January 2016

My plane ticket

I chose london so i took the air nz so I turnt my pounds in to nz dolloars.
When I did it turnt into

Nz dolloars
Off too my trip I go!!!


There are 53.1 Million people in london
They speak just english
They have 9 public holidaysImage result for Uk

All about NZ

All about NZ
Image result for NewzealandWe have 4.6 million people in Nz
We have 11 public holidays includes The day newzealand was born on 6th Feb
We speak Maori , English and Newzealander.
The sports we play are.
Rugby Union

All About Malaysia

All about Malaysia
Image result for MalaysiaThere are about 27.1 million people in malaysia
They have about 14 public holidays
They speak Basha malaysia and some speak english.
Ethnic Mix: Malaysia,Chinese,Indinge,Indian, and other
The sports they play are.
Field hockey
Rugby union
Mixed Martial arts.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

All About Germany

There are 81.1 people in  germany
They have 10 public holidays
Ethnic mix: German,European,Other,Mix
Sports:Football,Soccor,Ice hokey,Baseket ball,Motorsports,Handball,Tennis,skiing
Image result for germany

All about the UK

The are currently 53.1 million people in the UK
Did you know right now the time in the UK is 11:32pm.
There  are only 9 public holidays.
Ethnic Mix:White,Black,asian,Mixed,Arab,Other
Sports:Cricket,Rugby union,Rugby,Netball,Soccer,Field hockey,
Image result for london flag

All about Chile

There are 18.1 million people in Chile.
They speak only spanish
They have 14 hoildays.
The date is Septebemer 18th.
Did you know that chile is the longest contry to north to south.

Image result for Chile